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The Friends of the National Museum Association (SAMN) has created an account to receive donations destined to this emergency moment. The donation receipts for individuals and legal entities will be issued by SAMN, a public utility entity, recognized under the Statute of Museums and which, for more than 80 years, supports actions and projects of the National Museum.


What you need to make  donations to the Nacional Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), coming from abroad through the Friends of the National Museum Association (SAMN):

  1. Send a message to SAMN ( or with information about the donor, value, purpose, and intended destination of donated resources (if intended destination is specific).

  2. Send the document of donation (find Statement of Donation here) a public term or a private instrument or any equivalent document. It must contain information about the value, the donor and the recipient institution (SAMN), signed by the donor. Document must be in english (portuguese as well). Any other language would imply a certified translation.

  3. Please, note that the cost of the payment order should lie with the donor in the origin of the procedures.

Official institutional and banking information about the recipient institution:

Corporate name: Associação Amigos do Museu Nacional - SAMN - CNPJ: 30.024.681/0001-99
Address: Rua das Marrecas nº 40, sala 413-parte – Centro – Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil Zip Code: 20031-120
Account number in IBAN format: BR3200000000030100000606189C1
Linked agency: 3010-4 EMPRESA B. MESQUITA (RJ)
Linked account: 60.618-9  
You can also donate using


The National Museum has created an email address to receive material and objects donations. In addition, a rescue point was established to receive fragments that were taken during the fire. See where to refer to:



The National Museum has created an e-mail address,, to receive messages from people interested in donating objects to the institution's collection. The orientation is that the message be sent with the donor's contact information and a short description of the object. Once the situation normalizes, these people will be contacted by members of the Museum team to schedule a technical analysis.

Return of objects

Some residents of areas near the National Museum have found objects in their homes that were probably carried away by the wind, such as pages of books and parts of documents. The direction of the Museum asks that these to be given in at the Central Library, located in the Botanical Garden (Horto), inside Quinta da Boavista’s Park. Horto is located near the park’s entrance, in front of the São Cristóvão subway / train station.

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